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August 31, 2022

Celebrating sweet moments at devcom & gamescom 2022!

Our busy 2022 continued with another favorite moment as we headed to devcom Developers Conference (devcom) and gamescom, at the end of August in Cologne, Germany.

We went to devcom and gamescom excited to meet with our European community. After years apart, we wanted to hear from top developers and publishers directly—to discover what they’re working on, and dive into the benefits we can provide our developer and game fan community through Codashop, as the leading source of games and in-game currencies.

As sponsors of both devcom and gamescom, we jumped right in!

At devcom, our very own Guillaume Noé, VP of Marketing at Codashop, met with a very engaged crowd to share his presentation on “Enlisting Three Allies to Drive Revenue Growth with Out-of-App Purchases.” After Guillaume’s remarks, we invited attendees and guests to enjoy a cool treat at our Codashop ice cream stand, just outside the speaker hall. It was certainly a refreshing way to meet and connect with so many of our friends in the publisher and developer community! 

Gamescom was equally exciting. Our booth in the Business area brought together over 10 Codashop team members from across various departments, ensuring we had a range of expertise on hand to help share the Codashop story. As a result, our booth became a home base for enriching discussions with our industry peers. 

Cap the week off with an evening of networking over a delicious dinner among existing and potential partners, and it’s a week to remember! 

After a few busy days of face-to-face moments with our peers and customers, the Codashop team headed home, excited for our next opportunity to learn and celebrate with our community.  Thank you to the devcom and gamescom teams for an incredible experience!

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