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Home to the world’s fifth-largest population with 64% under age 30

Mobile app downloads in Pakistan are projected to grow an impressive 28% YoY1, making Pakistan the fastest-growing mobile market in Asia. 99.2% of internet users are mobile-first2. With a 53% increase in consumer spending on mobile games3 and 87% increase in e-wallet adoption rate , Pakistan presents exciting opportunities for digital content companies.

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Language and Infrastructure

While Pakistan’s top grossing mobile apps are not localized in Urdu, the official national language of Pakistan, 75% of Codashop customer support inquiries are handled in Urdu. Many customer support requests are related to making payments and other in-app navigations due to language barriers, which indicates the importance of localizing in-app experiences and incorporating visual assets to assist with payment flow. 


of the top 15 grossing mobile applications in Pakistan are offered in English.


Customer support queries handled in Urdu

Market Overview

Pakistan has witnessed the highest mobile revenue growth in Asia, with more than 25% growth between 2020-2021. 90% of the top 100 downloaded apps in Pakistan for 2021 were in the games category, with high performers across several genres including action/adventure, sports, arcade, casino, and strategy. In 2020, more than 82 million transactions were made through mobile banking in Pakistan, worth PKR 1.7 Trillion (US$9.7 billion) – an astonishing growth of 103.5% year over year.

Mobile gaming market size

in 2021


How significant are third-party payments?
Less significant
Very significant

Tax Landscape

Pakistan has not implemented sales tax on cross-border sales as of October 2022. Partnering with local entities and engaging a merchant of record like Codashop can help to ensure compliance in an evolving legislative landscape. 

Local Payment Methods

In Pakistan, less than 8% of the population has a debit card and less than 1% has a credit card – overall, only 20% of Pakistanis have access to formal banking services. At the same time, 43% of the population has access to smartphones, which is why it’s no surprise that mobile wallet adoption has increased by more than 100% over the past few years.

The Government of Pakistan is also in the process of building RAAST, an instant bank-based payment service that promises a user-friendly way for people in Pakistan who have a bank account to make payments.



Jazz Cash

Carrier billing

Telenor Pakistan


Online banking
Buy Now Pay Later
QR Code Payments
Card Payments



Preferred Payment Method Share

Carrier Billing

The rapid growth of e-wallets in Pakistan are  making it increasingly easy for customers to make online purchases. Telenor-backed Easypaisa and JazzCash are two market leaders who demonstrate this trend and are now  the most popular way to buy digital content online in Pakistan.

Carrier billing through carriers like Telenor, Jazz, Zong, and Ufone also exists as an option for customers to purchase digital content at scale.

Distribution of Volume by Price Point

$0.01 to $0.25
$0.26 to $0.99
$1 to $1.99
$2 to $4.99
$5 to $9.99
$10 to $19.99
$20 or more

In this price-sensitive market, lower-priced items see the most success.  Many are purchasing using e-wallets, whose users are typically students and youth  between 18-24 years old.

US$0.26 - $0.99 is the most popular price range which is Rs.46 - Rs.175 in local currency.  On average per user transaction value is roughly US$1.5 - $2.

Featured Marketing Campaign

Easypaisa Rs 100 Cashback on Royale Pass

This campaign with Easypaisa sought to increase TPV through cashback offers on the purchase of new season Royale Pass for PUBG Mobile, ultimately resulting in close to 200,000 transactions during the campaign period and increasing TPV by 173%.

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