March 6, 2023

Women at Coda Payments - Denise

Describe your role as a Country Manager, what does your typical day look like?

As a Country Manager for Indonesia, my primary responsibilities are to oversee the overal strategy and execution for the country and ensure that the teams are empowered and have the tools required to do their best work. My day to day varies from one day to another. However, a common theme is furthering our objectives (ranging from special projects, business development, operations, product), mentoring teams, troubleshooting issues as they unfold, researching, brainstorming for new ideas and networking with business community. 

What do you think enabled your career success, especially in a male-dominated field?

Having passion and discipline. Passion gives me the ‘why’ for doing something. Discipline is putting in consistent effort every day. It might not look like much on a daily basis, but we are lowly laying down brick by brick, the foundation of our career. It is also important to have a growth mindset. For example, instead of thinking ‘this is too hard’, change your mindset to ‘this will take timeand effort, and I can do it’.

How can women feel more empowered in their career advancement?

There may be naysayers about women at work or anything in general! Instead of mulling ove them, the best thing todo is to ignore them and focus on doing your best work and what you believe in.

How do you bounce back after making a mistake?

Mistakes are inevitable. We should not be afraid of making mistakes as setbacks are temporary. The most important thing to do is reflect on your mistakes and continue to make steady progress towards your goals.

Where do you draw your source of inspiration from? (if this answer is too long, split into second page after third sentence)

I draw inspiration from everywhere! We can learn something from everyone; it actually doesn't boil down to gender or seniority. I have had both men and women peers and managers who have equally inspired me to be who I am today. I also highly recommend reading books as they are a great source of inspiration that we can find outside of our working environment. A few books I'd recommend:

  • Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike
  • Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Handbook of Silicon Valley's Bill Campbell
  • Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

Any advice that can help women achieve the success they want in their workplaces, especially in male-dominated roles or industries?

Be in the present and focus on always delivering the best output. Growth comes from getting out of our comfort zone. It might be scary at first, but you would be surprised at how quickly we learn to adapt to new situations. Always be open to opportunities that come your way!